Panterl - Whispers of War

Session 1

Justice at the Span

I’ll be updating this over the course of the week, but wanted to get some stuff in here while it’s still fresh

Our fresh new group of adventurer’s, Rat Fuck “Reese,” Teet Underbottom, and Lao (the Monk) met up by chance on the streets of Kellian. Unfortunately, before they could do much more than “enjoy” a bit of the halfling bard’s music, they found themselves wrapped up in the politics of the kingdom. Somehow, all three were taken prisoner and marked for execution by a retinue of the king, Orlan Strand.

On the bridge, the king’s chief advisor argued with representatives of the duchess, Lerisa Arimor, about the abuse of guests in the city. Before the matter could be resolved, all of the prisoners were pushed off the bridge and presumably executed.

Instead of finding themselves in the halls of the dead, our players each found themselves alive, and mostly well, in the cellar of one of the duchess’ estate. Before they could make their way out, the duchess and her top advisors arrived to question the men on why the king was in such a hurry to execute them, and why they were found with a paper with a contract on the king by the Black Mask. None of the PCs had any idea who would have put them on the list, but they were all linked to it by scraps of paper on the bodies of one of the other victims.

After asking a goblin named Giggles Greenear, visiting the Wandering Bard tavern, and receiving a few more cryptic messages from the Black Mask… the players were pointed to the merchant, and supposed smuggler Olsha Fel. The initial meeting went poorly after “Rat Fuck” Reese headbutted Olsha, bringing the guards and earning the adventurer’s time in a prison cell.

The time in the cell was short lived, after a fairly violent breakout left several corrupt guards dead and injured, along with the corrupt Captain Fush. Papers were found that implicated him in the smuggling ring, and two fellow prisoners mentioned something about a cult that was moving poisoned grain through the city before they made their escape from the jail.

The players found a secret hatch to a smuggler’s tunnel in the Captain’s room, and a well-placed boot strike opened the door and sent Reese falling into the tunnel…


dwhisper dwhisper

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