Rat Fuck "Reese"

Half-Orc Paladin


Rat Fuck “Reese” is a half-orc that is ashamed of his Orc half. He was the product of an Orc raid, unwanted he was left on the doorstep of a temple and raised by acolytes..

In the basket with the infant was only a teddy with tar in its fur and a simple note that read “We couldn’t bring ourselves to kill this Rat Fuck”. The acolytes of the temple did not do their best to raise the little “Rat Fuck” even calling him by this title as his name.

Albeit ostracized and treated as a subordinate he did pick up the skills of other paladins associated with the temple that he looked up to. Once he was able to fend for himself he set out on his own from the temple and has been wandering ever since.

Rat Fuck "Reese"

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