The Shattered Pantheon

The intrigue of the gods has ramifications for mortals…

The elder races of Panterl… elves, dragons, dwarves, and orcs, believe that the world is a broken plaything of the gods, a simple shard of reality that is held by the whispers of powers beyond mortal comprehension. They are seen as powerful beings that have moved past the living world to hold dominion over the aether, the unseen worlds and domains of dreams and nightmares. More than that, the gods are reflections of mortals, with love and jealousy amplified to unfathomable reaches.

The gods and goddesses that hold dominion over Panterl, those worshipped by the creatures and people in the world, are collectively known as the Shattered Pantheon. Throughout all of history, their meddling has shaped, broken, and stitched the world back together counless times.

The oldest of myths hold that the gods were once unified, controlling a peaceful and orderly world. It wasn’t until the rise of the young gods, their children in some myths, powerful mortals in others, and just another aspect of the old gods in yet others.

Most of the ancient gods have long since vanished, replaced by younger gods rose in the aftermath of the Sundering Wars, where the old elven empires were shattered and mankind rose to prominence and power. To the elves, dwarves, and dragons, the gods that rose from the Sundering are the gods of the younger races. History has forgotten who held sway before, though each faith holds its own history and legends of their gods.

The common history is that the pantheon was shattered when Chaon, then the god of magic, struck against Voras, the Lord of Valor, to try and gain control of his followers and influence over the dragons and elves. In the attack, which is said to have shook the heavens, Syvalinta, the Mother of Elves, was slain, as was Mournsyl of Sorrow, goddess of mourning and sorrow. The battle was quickly joined, amplified by the civil war that was tearing apart the elven empire.

The last Great Elven Warlord, Sciran of the Shade, led the assault against King Xandir tre Aramir and Queen Kwaya, who had split from the overlords and raised an army of humans, dwarves, and orcs that had all been indentured and enslaved with the warlords. Over several decades, this new upstart had carved out a huge portion of Panterl for their own.

In the end, enter sects were wiped out, gods slain by each other, and with some, their avatars slain on the field of battle and the deity torn from their own domains into the wild aether.

As the ashes settled, the old gods quickly worked to snatch up what power they could, but mortals had already ascended to take the place in the Great Game. These Young Gods, even after three thousand years, are still consolidating their power, even as the shreds of their mortality fade. Even those who fell retain some followers, though their power has long since fallen from view, and prayers go unanswered. Some gods have gone silent in the centuries since the last war, but each still has their place in the game.

The Shattered Pantheon

The Realms of the Gods

Regardless of the true nature, the planes themselves are cataloged by the colleges and scholars and divided into several specific areas that fit the nature of different gods. Any representation of the planes is only a pale echo seen through the imperfect eyes of mortals. Some scholars even claim that anytime a mortal gains some level of understanding the planes, the planes alter to become something completely different.

The Mortal Realms
The mortal plane of existence, Panterl, her sun, and other worlds that share it with her, and the nothingness between them.

The Immortal Realm
Planes tied to individual gods, their servants, or in some cases, multiple gods that share the same portfolio. These are what are often known as the proper planes, and fit into the mythologies of mortals. A parallel of sorts to Panterl, the shattered realms border one another, or in some cases, as with the plane of Knowledge and Magic, overlap and touch all of the planes.

The Chaos
The Chaos Realms are uncontrolled but still distinct unto themselves, often matching an aspect of mortals such as death, madness, greed, or oblivion. These are also the realms where powerful beings have carved their own demi-planes out of, powerful elementals, demons, and spirits that have taken control of a portion of the aether. While not gods in their own rights, they are still powerful and can influence the chaos of the aether.

The Elemental Realms
While some scholars argue that the elemental planes, fire, air, water, earth, and the lesser varieties, are distinct planes on their own, they blend and shift with the great aether around them. The Untamed Aether itself is the astral realm that surrounds everything. While a plane may not have a specific border

The Shattered Pantheon

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