Greater Gods

Xeronn the Great Father – Deity of Creation, Nature, and Life (NG)
Aeyra, Maiden of Magic – Diety of Magic, Energy, the Brilliant Night, and Lesser Elementals (NG)
Makdur the Great King – Lord of the Earth and Sky, Dwarves, and Valor (LG)
Orilan, the Water of Ages – God of the Sea, Storms, Water, Restoration, and Destruction (CG)
Alyssandra the Fountainhead – Goddess of Structure, Form, and the Source of Magic (N)
Ghea and Yaond, the Forge Keepers – Deities of the Forge, the deep earth, and Servitude (N)
Cy’vera the Feyqueen – Deity of Elves, the Forest, Fae, and Birth (NG)
Weysong the Passionate – Deity of Love, Devotion, and Compassion (CG)
Behemathy the Serene Mother – Goddess of Peace, Patience, and Mercy (NG)
Na’Temon tha Valarous – God of Devotion, Patience, and Virtue (LG)
Si’a the Hopeful – Goddess of Hope, Faith, and Creativity (CG)
Kwaya the Mourning Song – Goddess of Death, Mourning, and Rebirth (NG)
Asymarant the Dragon Lord – Deity of Noble Battle, Dragons, Wild Nature, Silence, and Mystery (N)
Vickara Leaf-Singer – Deity of Growth, Song, and the Morning (N)
Syekar, the Overseer of Knowledge and Learning – God of Knowledge, Sages, History, and Secrets (LN)
Lael the Burning Ember – Goddess of Fire, Destruction, Rebirth, and Cleansing (CN)
Aamrion, Keeper of the Gates – Lord of Protection, Defense, Treaties, and Honor (LN)
Nui the Even-Handed – God of Death and Judgement (N)
Aalysrian the Godslayer – Deity of Hatred, Chaos, Betrayal, and Conspiracy (CE)
Chyous the Destroyer – Greater Deity of Destruction and Pitilessness (CE)
Everyana the Mournsinger – Goddess of Murder, Strife, and Lies (NE)
Fersul the Deathbringer – God of War, Death, and Hatred (CE)
Mynotha, the Goddess of the Shade – Lady of the Darkess Night, Shadows, and Shade Elves (LE)
Stormisa the Siren – Greater Deity of the Raging Sea, Drowning, and Water (CE)
Nargrul the Festering Lord – Greater Deity of Sickness, Pestilence, and Disease (LE)
Bel, King of Whispers – God of Secrets, Forbidden Knowledge, and Coercion. (NE)
Aurem the Twisted – Deity of Madness and Corruption (CE)

Lesser Gods

Some are content to serve, some are trying to rise, and some are trying to stop their fall

Dhyarous the Scribe – God of scribes, learning, and forgotten lore (LN)
Mheli the Tinkerer – God of halflings, gnomes, tinkerers, inventors, and engineers (NG)
Xandir, Patron of the Moon – God of the night sky and moon (CG)
Grumhold the Stout Lord – God of dwarves, brewers, and drunkeness (CG)
Yuhew the Holy Goddess of Promises and Piety (LG)
Belcorian of the Dawn – God of the morning light, new beginnings, and change (NG)
Orcian the Wounded Forgotten God of Orcs, Victims, and Sacrifice (LN)
Nry’al the Shepherd – God of shepherds, husbandry, and beasts of burden (N)
Yousha the Muse – God of inspiration, art, and music (CN)
Ai of the Sands – Goddess of the desert and wastelands (N)
Saitan, the Fallen Outcast – God of hopelessness, lost causes, and regret (N)
Az’Hatry the Warlord – God of Orcs, Wars, and Sellswords (CE)
Orak the Mighty – God of Monstrosities and Creatures (CN)
Saar, the Harbinger of Undoing – Goddess of Undeath (NE)
Melsarium the Scarred – Goddess of Shade Elves, Warlords, and Despots (LE)
Kutansa the Silent Wind – Goddess of Assassins (LE)
Quarran of the Inferno – God of unleashed flame, incineration, and destruction (CE)
Beroush the Faceted – God of deceit and insanity (CE)


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