Greater Diety of Magic, Wizards, Energy, the Brilliant Night, and Lesser Elementals
Neutral Good

Also called: The Crafting Sister, Lady of the World Stone, the Little Sister, the Shining Star
Worshipped by Wizards, Sorcerers, and The Chosen. Revered by all races

Aeyra (pronounced Eye-Ra), also known as The Maiden of the Flows, Aeyra is one of the goddesses holding domain over the Flows of Magic on Panterl. Along with her sister, Alyssandra, Aeyra is charged with protecting the purity of the magic and sustaining its connection with all creatures. Sometimes referred to as the younger sister for her relatively new ascension to the Shattered Pantheon, service to Aeyra has grown quickly in the few places that are still amicable to magic. The official patron of the Academy of Magic, Aeyra is recognized as a controlling force that prevents another War from trying to tear apart magic, and along with it, the world.

In recent centuries, her church has seemingly expanded, taking a place as the Goddess of the brilliant night sky and the celestial heavens, in stark contrast to Mynotha, the Goddess of the Shade and enemy of the faithful of Aeyra. Several lesser gods are seen as allies or servants of the Maiden of Magic, though her nature as the source of magic and knowledge has drawn her an equal number of rivals and enemies.

One of the “Young Gods,” Aeyra’s rise over the magic follows the aftermath of the Sundering War, and ancient tales paint her and her sister, Alyssandra, either as demigods that assumed power, or as mortals that were ascended by the Great Father for their role in bringing about the end of the war. Regardless of the truth, Aeyra is among the most powerful of the gods, overseeing and protecting magic and its place in Panterl.

Often portrayed as either a force or storm of brilliance or magic, or as a young woman with nearly black hair and mercury-filled eyes, images of Aeyra often seem to shimmer with etherial power. She’s often pictures with featureless figures of power, elementals, or similar beings tied closely to magic.

Worship of Aeyra is closely related to how accepted magic is, though only areas where magic is expressly forbidden, such as Gemhyradhar or Khorven D’lehy where magic is expressly forbidden is it absent. Often, the temples are closely intertwined with the colleges of magic or wizards’ towers.

Several different orders and factions exist within her church, and rumors always persist of dozens more that operate in secret. They are all rivals, in a sense, though cooperative in matters of faith and order. Aeyra’s Hammer is a group of clerics that stand in defense of the church and magic. The Eye’s in the Night are messengers and keepers of secrets. They are only known because they wish to be known, but outside of the Church, very few know what their actual purpose is. Even within the church, it’s often more rumor than actual fact.

The Seekers of Knowledge are gatherers and protectors of tomes, books, and knowledge. They travel and catalog, working as scribes and teachers, purchasing and earning what they can, and copying or transcribing others. The rise of the Library of Kellian has given the Seekers a considerable amount of power and pull across the west.


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