Makdur the Great King

Greater Deity of the Earth and Sky, Dwarves, and Valor
Lawful Good

Also called: Heart of the Dwarves, Lord of the High Mountains, Shaper of the World
Worshiped by: Humans and Dwarves, peaceful orc tribes

Event the ancient histories of the dwarves and elves have forgotten when Makdur first appeared… even in their pantheons, he is an ancient figure. The lord of the Earth and Sky, king of mountains and creator of the dwarves is said to stride the world each day, where the horizon meets the sky, watching over the creation.

To those who serve the Great King, Valor and Honor are more important than life itself. To break one’s word is to spit in the face of their god, and will find no solace under the earth or under the sky. Some orcs, who have not succumed to the ruthless and bloodthirsty nature of the majority of their kin, hold that they are the younger children of Makdur, and the orcs who turn from him are cursed to never find any rest in this life or the next.

Shrines to Makdur are typically ancient, well crafted, and worked from the surrounding materials and stone. The central section of any temple, called the Eye of the King, is always opened to the sky. It’s not unusual to see the faithful of Makdur and Xeronn mingling together and coordinating on their temples. It matches the relationship between the gods, who have been allied throughout time against the forces of darkness.

Often shown as a man or dwarf in gleaming full plate, carrying a mighty hammer or axe and a shield that stands as tall as the god himself. Statues of the great king with his shield are often engraved with the names of fallen heroes, especially those who have died in service to his church.

Makdur the Great King

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