Greater Deity of Creation, Nature, and Life
Neutral Good

Worshiped by Elves, Men, Halflings, Druids, Rangers, and plants
Major Strongholds: The Elven Kingdom, Oaklandor Terlan, and Olmwendren; there are temples and shrines dedicated to him in all reaches of Panterl

Xeronn (pronounced ZEE-Ron), also known as The Great Father, is the deity of Nature, holding domain over the great wilds and all of nature. One of the oldest deities in the Shattered Pantheon, Xeronn is the father of the elven race, and by extension, the wild races, such as the fey, centaurs, and many other forest dwellers. In recent centuries, as the days of the elves waned, his worshipers have spread to the druids of human races and the settlements around the Great Forest. His station among humans raised greatly when he was named the patron of Oaklandor Terlan when the nation was formed in the ashes of the Sundering Wars.

Xeronn is represented among his followers either as a great tree in bloom, a mighty stag, or occasionally a powerful elf warrior adorned in leaves. His symbol is a Great Tree braced by a waterfall and a cliff, representing his wide domain over nature and it’s servants. Xeronn is always depicted as male with eyes the glow a brilliant emerald green. He’s often with an animal companion, typically a bear or a panther, who shares the same green eyes.

Traditionally, outside of the Elven pantheon, Xeronn was revered by druids and those closest to nature. However, after the Sundering War and the rise of the kingdoms of humanity, nations seeking to rebuild after their lands were raised or destroyed started to revere the god of nature as way of rebirth. This marked his expansion into the cities of men, and the clergy expanded in great parks and sacred temples. Oaklandor Terlan, the kingdom of men in the northern forest, raised the Emerald Tower in his honor at the base of the heart of the woods, and forged a unique relationship in building their cities and towns deep in the woods.

Xeronn reveres holy days that follow the cycles of the seasons and major events, such as equanoxes or solstaces, as well as major festivals at the time of planting and harvest.

The traditional orders of Xeronn, among the druids and in the wild expanses of Panterl, the Circles are small groups that are highly localized. Each circle may have it’s own structure and traditions, some functioning as pacts, others as great families. Circles may intermingle with one another, if they are in close proximity, but are otherwise insular and secluded. They are not exclusionary, but of are often wary of outsiders until trust is earned.

In the more organized human nations and cities that have turned to Xeronn, the Emerald Order and their expansive plazas and parks serve as an oasis to nature in the works of stone and structure. In recent years, the Emerald Order has become the largest organized sect of Xeronn’s followers, establishing great churches and shrines in major cities across the continent.


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